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Crawl Space Encapsulation

YC Builders excels in crawl space encapsulation, demonstrating unparalleled expertise, a robust workforce, and a wealth of knowledge to tackle any project confidently. With a proven track record, our crew brings a combination of experience and skill to ensure efficient and effective encapsulation solutions. Whether dealing with moisture control, insulation, or structural enhancements, YC Builders' team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of crawl space projects, delivering results that meet and exceed expectations. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges posed by crawl spaces make YC Builders the go-to choice for clients seeking reliable and top-notch encapsulation services.

The purpose of crawl space encapsulation

The purpose of crawl space encapsulation is to create an environment that can be controlled. An open crawl space is so bad because the environment is allowed to change daily, sometimes hourly. Much like building a swimming pool and refusing to fill it with water because of the extra expense and time, the steps to encapsulating a crawl space should end with an environment that you are controlling, and therefore, you have conditioned the air. Once you have transformed the space, by way of crawl space encapsulation, into an area that is part of the house, it will be cleaner and healthier for your home and family.


Sump Basin

The environment inside a crawl space presents a unique challenge for water control equipment. Unlike a basement, the crawl space sump basin does not have a layer of concrete to hold it in the ground under high water pressure conditions. 

Therefore, many standard basement sump basins used in crawl spaces are pushed out of the ground upon the first occurrence of high water pressure. Once the basin is pushed out, it is rendered useless and will need to be moved to a new location.



Dehumidifiers work to take moisture out of the air, making it drier. They're helpful in climates that have high humidity, because they can help prevent mold growth and dust mites. Dehumidifiers pull air into the system and over very cold coils to draw moisture out of the air.


Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers are plastic liners that cover the dirt floor in crawl spaces. The purpose of a vapor barrier is to slow down moisture and vapors in the soil from getting into the crawl space. This plastic stops at your crawl space's columns and walls.

Live Videos From The Crawlspace

Sump Pump Testing

Tools In Action

Monitor The Crawlspace

High humidity creates many problems for your home. Wood boring insects like the powder post beetle, the termite and the carpenter ant need high moisture to survive and reproduce. Condensation, which is caused by high humidity and extreme temperature changes can do major damage to the homes joists and wood beams. Mold, fungus, and bacteria also need high humidity to survive and reproduce under your home. As reported by the EPA these condition cause or worsen allergy problems, asthma, respiratory problems and sinus infections.

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