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How Does Residential Seismic Retrofitting Improve the Home’s Foundation?

What is a Cripple Wall Foundation?

A cripple wall foundation consists of wooden studs no bigger than 4 feet tall that cover the expanse of the foundation’s perimeter. In order for cripple walls to be structural support and withhold against earthquake damage, they must be properly bolted and braced. This work involves bracing the cripple walls with structural plywood, functioning as a support in the occurrence of an earthquake and preventing the foundation walls from “crippling” to the ground.

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What is a Stem Wall Foundation?

A stem wall is a short, solid wall that stands along the perimeter of a home, connecting its walls to its foundation. Older homes are not adequately bolted to their foundation, causing a severe risk when an earthquake strikes. A stem wall retrofit consists of bolting the house to its foundation using URFP plates and bolts and A35 brackets. Without this seismic bolt-down, the home has the potential to slide off its foundation during an earthquake, causing severe damage.






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