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The Seismic Retrofit Work

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Bolt-Only Retrofit

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If the wood frame of the house sits directly on the foundation (known as a "stem wall") in the crawl space under the house, this house would need a "bolt-only" retrofit, where the foundation is bolted to the wood frame of the house.

  • Bolting is when large anchor bolts or foundation plates are used to bolt the wooden frame of the house to the concrete foundation, to strengthen the connection between the two.

Accepted! What's Next

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You will have 12 weeks (or 90 days) to gather pre-retrofit photos and documents, and to either hire a contractor from EBB

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After EBB has approved your uploaded pre-retrofit documentation, you will have six months from that approval date to complete your retrofit.


Within 30-days after completion of the retrofit, items must be submitted to EBB for payment using the online Homeowner Dashboard.

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Incentive payments typically will be mailed within four weeks following final approval by EBB.

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